Conovalve Keeps You In Control

Conovalve is a supplier of control valves and special valves for complex and simple applications. In addition to a universal range, we also have specialized control valves and valves for the Food, (Petro) Chemicals, Gas, Paper and Pulp and mechanical engineering markets. You can also contact us for advice. We are happy to advise you on which control valve offers the best solution for your process and / or calculating the correct valve. The Conovalve brand supplies control valves for the following applications:

  • Process industry
  • Steam application
  • Sanitary application
  • Heavy duty
  • Micro Flow
  • Free Flow
  • Low Flow
  • Cryogenic
  • Noise reduction
  • PFA / Teflon lined Ball and Control Valves
  • Zero Emmision
  • High temperatures
  • Open / close

We also have the following brands in our exclusive program: Somas butterfly valves, Somas Ball Segment valves, Varibell Control valves, Mankenberg valves, Cosmix ceramic ball control valves, High performance RF cuff valves.

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CCV 900 NL


Conovalve Serie 800 NL

Conovalve Serie 3000 NL

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