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Lubchem, is a 1st class manufacturer and distributor of a diverse line of chemical and lubricant specialties for gas and oilfield, wireline, refining, petrochemical, mining, and general industrial applications.

A complete analytical laboratory supports Lubchem products and is responsible for providing a wide variety of essential functions. These functions include quality assurance, analytical support and monitoring services, as well as product development and evaluation. Through Lubchem JD-Techniek can provide oilfield and industrial water analysis, crude oil analysis, waste identification, and product development services.

These support services positively impact our customer's bottom line by optimizing system and product performance at the lowest possible cost. Lubchem sells (hydraulic) hand guns, air operated pail pumps and grease guns. Grease and sealants for all purposes and all nipples to fit the tools to. Including all the spare parts delivery or pump overhaul at JD Techniek Repair.

JD Techniek in Emmen, Netherlands, is the exclusive Lubchem-importer for the BeNeLux-countries, Germany and the rest of Europe. A range of widely used Lubchem materials are readily available and in stock with JD Techniek.

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Equipment Lubrication/Maintenance

Lubchem Force Flow grease pumps are reliable, heavy duty air operated pumps. Each pump is equipped with 100:1 ratio air motor that is capable of 10,000 psi discharge pressures.

Discharge pressure may be adjusted by regulating the inlet air pressure to the pump through the air inlet regulator.

Force Flow pumps are equipped with twin cylinders that provide continuous contact between the follower plate and the sealant providing a continuous prime to the pump. The positive pressure applied by the pressure priming system prevents pump cavitation and makes it possible to pump highly viscous sealants at low temperatures.

The Lubchem 1000 Hydraulic Hand Pump exerts a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi. It is a durable self-priming pump that is easy to operate.

This unit is equipped with a bypass valve that allows the user to relieve internal pressure at any time by turning the bypass valve counter clockwise one revolution. As an added safety feature, the Lubchem model 1000 is equipped with an internal hydraulic relief valve. This feature provides maximum safety for the user by preventing over pressurization of the hydraulic system.

Lubchem FF100 Mini

Lubchem, Inc. would like to introduce a smaller alternative to our very popular FF100 Complete! Introducing the Lubchem FF100 Mini! The FF100 Mini is lighter, more compact and easier to use! It has better mobility for smaller job sites while still providing a lot of volume for a pump its size (delivering 60 ounces of grease per minute)!

Best of all it’s less than ½ the cost of FF100 Complete!

Give us a call today to get a quote for your new FF100 Mini today!