JD Techniek, your supplier for Lubchem products in Europe and Africa. Lubchem is a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of Wellhead and Valve lubricants serving a network of customers around the world. Lubchem is known for high quality custom toll blends, but also offers research and development facilities, as well as an extensive global distribution network. JD Techniek is the representation and distributor of the Lubchem products for Europe and Africa.

Lubchem stands for:
Special chemical solutions for the petrochemical industry. Based in Houston, Texas, Lubchem is a high-quality manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals and lubricants for the oilfield, refining, petrochemical, and mining industries.

Lubchem has been a proven leader for more than 60 years. We help petrochemical and industrial customers find unique solutions to specific problems, including:

  • Valve lubricants, flushing and sealing agents
  • Lubricants for equipment and maintenance
  • Pipeline cleaners and corrosion inhibitors
  • Wireline products
  • Biodegradable oil gloss dispersants
  • Processed castor / vegetable oils

Lubchem supplies, among other things: