Machine work

JD Techniek has its own mechanical workshop in Emmen for conventional and CNC work. To have a 24/7 breakdown service, it is crucial to have a machine department at your disposal. Because of this, we are able to quickly and professionally make new products to carry out our own refurbishments. Of course, we also manufacture turning and milling products for customers. From single pieces, on our conventional machines, to larger numbers/series on the CNC lathes. Wether you need a keyway crimped in a chain wheel or have a completely new shaft made from, for example, Duplex, or to connect a bearing fit, CNC manufacturing, or for example, 250 special locking pins, JD can deliver.

Our great advantage is that we can produce according to example or sketch, but we can also deliver the product with the digital drawing. The quality of the machine work in combination with our fast delivery, means that in recent years our customers have seen JD Techniek as the designated machine factory to repair, process or have their products made new.


The demand for serial delivery of products has increased within JD Techniek, which is why we invested in a Style semi-automatic in 2019. With it, we can deliver series with a repeatedly high quality. We have a flexible production schedule for this, which means that we can often meet the delivery time set by you.

Polishing flat and round

For the working of, among other things, knives of typesetting and cutting machines, sliders of valves and other products that require a surface grinding, we have a surface grinding machine available, where products up to a length of 1500 mm can be polished flat. We can process fittings of shafts and other products up to a length of 500 mm with our circular grinding bench.


When extreme flatness is required, we are able to patch products up to Ø150 mm; flat lapping is possible, but gloss lapping is also an option. The roughness and accuracy to be achieved with Lapping are unprecedented. We check the flatness with the light band pattern. In addition, the operation is completely burr-free. Lapping is the most precise process in our machining workshop.

Ultrasonic cleaning

JD Techniek has the option to clean parts ultrasonically. This concerns both steel and aluminum parts, but also O2 clean. Please, contact us for the possibilities.

Overview of machine work

  • Turn
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Lapping / Lapping
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Drilling
  • Sawing