The quality brands with which JD Techniek is connected as a dealer or as an authorized service partner.

Auger is your partner for mechanical seals, packing cord (dust box packing), PTFE tape and O-rings.

Atlas Copco vacuum solutions, the new standard in vacuum pump technology.


Conovalve keeps you in control, supplier of (sanitary) control valves and special valves, including Mankenberg, Somas, Varibell and Cosmix.

The KSB brand stands for pumps, valves and systems, but also for service and customer-specific total solutions. AMRI, SISTO, MIL control valves and ITUR pumps are also included.

Your specialist for overpressure protection.

Seepex positive displacement pumps is a global specialist in pumping high or low viscosity products, whether aggressive or abrasive Seepex Keeps everything flowing.

Lubchem your Valve integrety specialist, a diverse line of chemical and lubricant specialties for oilfield, refining, petrochemical, mining, and general industrial applications.

Specialist in the development and construction of safety valves and control valves.

Tapflo is a Swedish manufacturer of air diaphragm and hose + horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps and other industrial process parts.

Pompetravaini one of the largest manufacturers of liquid ring vacuum pumps and vacuum systems in the world.