Oxygen clean

Contamination on components such as fats and dirt can increase the risk of self-ignition or explosion within the production process when it’s in contact with gaseous oxygen (GOX) or liquid oxygen (LOX). To prevent this, the Oxygen clean (O2 clean) components must be processed. This reduces the risk of self-ignition due to contamination. Safety devices, pumps or pump parts, mechanical seals, valves and other components that are used in oxygen environments, require specialized cleaning operations. For this purpose, JD Techniek has a special procedure that is carried out in an O2 clean room. This standard procedure has been approved by our customers such as Gasunie, Air Liquide, Linde, Air Products, the WMD and NEG. If desired, the procedure can be adjusted to customer requirements.

O2 clean room

The O2 clean room at JD Techniek is a special room that has been exclusively designed to make and keep the components clean and free of grease. The modern space has a filtered air exchange, oil-free compressed air supply and tools that are only used in the clean room. The room has a slight overpressure and the pollution control is done among other things with blacklight. Everything is in accordance with the EIGA guideline and, if so desired, customer-specific procedures. Small to medium-sized components can be treated there up to 100% O2 clean, overhauled or assembled and subsequently packed.

JD Techniek offers clean room services and accurate cleaning of (cryogenic) pumps, mechanical seals, valves and critical parts including: oxygen cleaning, water cleaning and degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning and emission and pressure testing of clean valves. The packaging is labeled with an O2 clean statement. If desired, an O2 clean report will be provided upon delivery.