Refurbishing of valves and other pipeline equipment

Valves and other pipeline equipment are widely used in industry: think of production locations for the production of food, oil and gas extraction, chemistry, and paper and sewage treatment plants. JD Techniek is your address for the delivery and overhaul of safety devices, valves, actuators and control valves. We know the market and our customers well and know what their wishes and possibilities are. Thanks to good cooperation with our suppliers and customers, we can switch gears and provide our service as efficiently as possible.

In our modern workplace, our experienced specialists overhaul, modify and assemble safety valves, control valves and valves with accessories on a daily basis. Repairs can also be done O2 (oxygen) clean in our O2 cleanroom. On site we can perform (urgent) repairs 24/7 and provide service.

JD Techniek is brand independent but is authorized repair center for various brands of valves and other pipeline equipment including: Conovalve, Somas, Leser, Niezgodka, Mankenberg, Eriks.

Refurbishing of valves and other pipeline equipment process:

Upon arrival, the valves and other pipeline equipment are identified and registered with a unique number. They are then released for dismantling, if everything is accounted for, including the customer and customer reference. Depending on the client's wishes, a pre-test is carried out before dismantling and subsequently the equipment is dismantled. When the parts have been cleaned and sandblasted where necessary, an inspection report is drawn up, supplemented with photos and we discuss with the customer about what needs to be replaced or repaired by means of a quote. After approval of the quote, the refurbishment will be put into effect. If the valves and other pipeline equipment are assembled with repaired or replaced parts, they will be tested according to customer requirements, and, after approval, finished in the correct RAL color in our paint booth. If so desired, a test certificate can be drawn up and sent along.

Machine section:

For the machining of valves and other pipeline equipment, such as turning, milling and surface and circular grinding, we have access to a conventional machine park with which we can, for example, repair bonnet and sealing surfaces, edit spindles or make new ones etc. In consultation with and at the request of the customer, we can also make good modifications to the valves and other pipeline equipment in order to extend their lifespan and solve recurring problems. For safety valves we make an exception and only replace parts with manufacturer's original parts.

Security certification:

For safety valves we are T0103 and PRD3.2 certified by Lloyd's for independently overhauling and testing, and testing of safety devices, such as pilot operated safety devices, spring safety devices and pressure vacuum valves. Our safety service repair and overhaul is completely in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and the fixed procedure as approved by Lloyd's. A standard refurbishment is based on a fixed and highly competitive price list, so our customer knows in advance what the cost will be. Any deviations from that advance agreement will be discussed during the repair and overhaul process, and will only be implemented after approval. No surprises afterwards.

Of course, JD Techniek also supplies new safety devices for every brand. Even though a factory certificate is added, a functional test is added in our workshop with a JD Technique certificate, because we want to guarantee that the safety device does what it was designed for. Testing is performed on test benches with calibrated pressure gauges. The test specifications are in accordance with international standards. A Lloyd's test certificate is then drawn up. The original document returns to the customer with the safety device, a digital copy also goes to the customer and a paper version is stored in our project administration. Our database also contains all information about the relevant safety device, which guarantees maximum traceability.

Control valves:

In addition to the repair, we are able to calibrate and adjust the control valves in our workshop and on-site, all brands of analog and digital positioners are known to us and all can be adjusted by the instrumentation specialists. It is also possible to have adjustments made to Kvs or Cv values or to change the positioner brand and type.

Repair and overhaul Range

The repair and overhaul range of JD Techniek includes:

  • Safety devices
  • ball valves
  • Valve valves
  • Non-return valves
  • butterfly valves
  • Plate valves
  • gate valves
  • Control valves
  • Venters (pressure vacuum valves)
  • Steam Traps
  • Pressure reduction
  • Actuators, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic

The benefits of refurbishing valves and other pipeline equipment:

  • Substantial cost savings
    By overhauling existing products, you prevent expensive investments in new parts.
  • Faster delivery times
    Delivery times can be significantly reduced compared to delivery of new valves and other pipeline equipment.
  • Understanding Your System
    During valve overhaul, the cause of wear and tear can easily be determined.
  • More efficient use of materials
    During periodic inspections, solutions to problems can be found or the maintenance interval can be determined more accurately. This prevents unnecessary high production costs due to leaking valves.