Refurbishment of mechanical seals

Disruptions to rotating installations often also concern leaks in shaft seals. These can both be pumps and mixers, and are very often caused by a problem with the mechanical seal. If your mechanical seal is defective, you can send it to us. We determine after inspection whether repair is possible or whether the seal must be replaced. Our service specialists can also expand or change the seal for you on location.

Within JD Techniek, we have a department where mechanical seals are overhauled. In addition to overhauling, we are also able to improve the shaft seal in consultation with you. If repair is not possible, or the costs of repair do not outweigh the costs of a new seal, then we can of course offer and deliver a new one. Here too we are brand independent and we can often advise and offer different brands. You can then determine the best choice for you.

Refurbishment of mechanical seals by JD Techniek

JD Techniek has all the means to repair, replace and assemble and test shaft seals and seal faces. We do this with trained professionals in our own mechanical seal repair department. After dismantling and cleaning the parts, an inspection of the parts follows. Subsequently, a report is created in which the possible cause of failure and the damage that has arisen is outlined. You receive the proposal for the refurbishment. After approval, the seal with the repaired or new parts is assembled and tested. At JD Techniek you can therefore count on high-quality repair and assembly of seals. Moreover, we are competitive in price and delivery time.

New delivery

Selecting the right seal for your application must be done accurately. The operating time of your installation should not be shortened by a badly chosen shaft seal. The specialists at JD make the optimal choice for you. Partly due to our good cooperation with most manufacturers, we can ensure that you can receive the best solution for the best price and delivery time. In addition to a 1 on 1 replacement, we can also supply a good alternative mechanical seal for most reputable brands. JD Techniek carries Auger © as its own brand, but of course we can supply and overhaul all other brands if desired, such as: Roten ©, AES ©, James Walker ©, Burgmann ©, Flowserve ©, Flutes ©, John Crane ©, Lidering ©, Chesterton ©, Duramettalic ©, Five Star, NMF © etc.

In addition to mechanical seals, the delivery program includes the following materials:

  • Stuffing box gasket
  • Plate gasket
  • O-rings
  • PTFE tire
  • Lipseals
  • Bearing guards

The benefits of refurbishment of mechanical seals by JD Techniek

  • High cost savings
  • Save time
  • Refurbishment is brand independent
  • Conducted by experienced specialists
  • Transparent cost structure