Refurbishment of pumps

Pump systems are widely used in industry and process technology, often in business-critical environments. The most important question is then, whether you can rely on the condition of the pump. Does the pump do what it has to do, at the right values?

JD Techniek refurbishes and installs pumps of all sizes, brands and types. Think of vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, high pressure, submersible and displacement pumps. JD Techniek has, as an authorized service partner for, among others, KSB ©, Seepex ©, Travaini ©, Tapflo © and Depa / Elro © all the in-house knowledge and skills. We are brand independent and can therefore offer you the best price and technical solution. Feel free to contact JD Techniek and inquire about the possibilities.

Complete refurbishment can take place at your location, but also in our workshop where all necessary facilities are available.

Drive and engine refurbishment

Service and overhaul of drives such as gearboxes, right-angle transmissions, electric motors and mixers, are items that come by daily in our rotating equipment department. The knowledge to assess the technical condition of gears and bearings, fittings and clearances is available within the department. The professional replacement of these materials is definitely possible, regardless of the dimensions. JD Techniek can have your motor rewired quickly and efficiently if necessary. We also have a stock of up to 90kW of standard motors 24/7. You can have the balancing of motor anchors or shafts with (fan) impellers organized by us. We carry out the spraying of shaft and bearing fittings with partners who know what they’re doing.

Overhaul benefits

Overhaul has several advantages. The lifespan of your rotating equipment is optimized and it is also a sustainable solution, that reduces the costs and consumption of materials, since there is no need to replace your equipment. The pump or drive will also perform optimally again, increasing productivity and your operational reliability. Often the lead time of a repair is also many times faster than a new delivery.

Why rotating equipment repair and overhaul by JD Techniek?

  • Expert professionals specializing in pumps and drives
  • Repair and overhaul of almost every brand, pump and drive type
  • On location or in our workshop
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Clear inspection report
  • Desired end result as determined in consultation with you