Valve Maintenance Products

JD Techniek is specialized in the supply of various Valve Maintenance products.

Think of: many types of greases and valve sealant, and lubricants for the Off-shore, Oil and Gas industries and general industries, and the associated and necessary equipment for this.

Ranging from hand grease pump to High-tech high-pressure grease pumps (15,000 Psi), but also complete mobile skids. From grease nipples to high-quality Valve fittings and Manifolds and Wellhead components for various applications.

Besides the renowned brands that we are allowed to represent for Europe (and Africa) as there are;

Furthermore, due to our brand independence, we can be of service to you in the delivery of other alternatives such as: Val-Tex, Sealweld, Alemite, Lincoln and Ironside.

JD Techniek is also the right place for on-site service and maintenance of your valves.