Climax Lubricants & Equipment Co.®

Climax Lubricants & Equipment Co.® is a small family-owned business. We have been located in Houston, Texas since the early 1950’s. Climax primarily manufactures synthetic non-hazardous biodegradable valve lubricants/sealants and valve lubrication equipment and accessories used for the oil and gas energy industry. During the 1960’s we began a concentrated effort to market valve lubricants and equipment nationwide. In the early 1970’s we expanded our market to Japan and Canada. Currently we are doing business around the world in over 50 countries. We offer a variety of valve lubricants/sealants, lubrication devices and accessories, depending on your needs.



Climax Lubricant Equipment

Climax offers a variety of lubricant guns ranging from hand-held to large skid-mounted systems. Dependent on the job and your preference, we have something that will fit your needs.

For installations with valves requiring frequent service, a hand operated 1699 High Pressure Hydraulic or the 10516 Screwprime Hand Gun is recommended. This gun permits speedier servicing and also prevents waste of sealant and over filling of valves.

When a large number of valves are in service, the Climax Model 10 is recommended. It is filled by using bulk five (5) quart (4.7 liters) sealant cans which are loaded directly into the Model 10. It is self priming, air operated and is designed to meet extensive field maintenance requirements.

Climax Lubricants and Sealants

Climax Lubricants & Equipment Co.® is a plug, ball and gate valve lubricant and sealant manufacturer.

Climax lubricants are made of the finest materials obtainable. They are constructed to act as a hydraulic medium to lift tapered plugs and seal against leakage. They also provide lubrication in order to make the valve operate at its lowest torque. You will notice we use a color code system in our lubricants (black, amber, green, red, etc.) so there will be no confusion over which lubricant to use for a particular service.

Climax Stick Lubricants are identified by letters: "A","B", "C", "D", "G", "H", "J", and "K", denoting size and a number indicating the formula. Sticks are packaged in boxes of "A"-96, "B"-72, "C"-32, "D"-28, "G"-13, "H"-24 sticks to a box. The "J" stick is 16 and the "K" stick is 12 per carton. The "J"-size stick is designed to fit the Climax Model 1699 hydraulic plug valve lubricating gun and the "K" size stick is designed to fit the Climax 10516 and Rocket 280 grease guns.

Bulk Lubricant in 5-quart (4.7 liter) and 5 or 6-gallon (22.68 liter) cans are for use in the Model 10 and Model 40 bucket type air guns. Also available in bulk of larger quantities are the 120 lb. (16-Gallon) and 400 lb. (55-Gallon) drums of lubricant.