Parker PGI

Parker PGI is a American manufacturer and supplier of high quality Instrument Valves, Instrument Manifolds, Valve Fittings en Wellhead Components. PGI business unit fittings and components conform to NACE, API, ANSI and ISO-9001:2015 specifications. We have been granted the rights to use the Official API Monogram on applicable manufactured products. The product range JD Techniek stock’s and is able to supply in Europe ;

  • Vented cap body grease fittings (with or without Giant Button head)
  • High pressure Lubrication and Sealant fittings
  • Pressure Relief tools
  • Giant button head fittings
  • Leak lock fittings
  • Wellhead and tree components
  • Fitting accessoires
  • Instrument valves

We are experienced in conforming to NACE, API and ANSI specifications, with full traceability if required. We have the ability to machine mild and medium carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless alloy, Monel, Inconel and aluminum. We welcome your inquiries.