Téchne s.r.l.

Téchne s.r.l., is an Italian manufacturer which for many years has been operating with success in several fields. Our aim is to combine high quality standards with competitive prices, service and reliability. The direct and continuous control of production is handled by qualified personnel, which assures the greatest quality in the way to obtain continuous improvement.

Actually we are supplying a considerable number of valves manufacturers in different countries around the world. Our main intention is to increase our presence in the petrochemical market offering to our customers a quick and flexible delivery time for all the special or standard products we manufacture.

JD Techniek is able to provide not only the Téchne quality valve fitting products in various materials, but also the special fitings till 20K PSI and the valve componants like valve bodies, valve flanges etc. and tailor made valves.

Téchne Products

Type of Alloys

We can produce our products in different kinds of materials as:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • duplex
  • super duplex
  • Ni-Alloys
  • titanium
  • other special alloy